Friday, February 15, 2013

Training for My First Half Marathon: Week 3 to 5

Unfortunately we lost our site office in fire last few weeks, thus the lack of updates and also the training itself was delayed.   

Week 3: 
Sunday morning jogged to Kingfisher's roundabout as scheduled. It's easier compared to the first time, the distance seems to be closer even though its actually farther. A little bit sleepy, been up studying the first aid book the night before, the first aid test will be conducted at 9am, right after the run. 

Reached Stadium Likas a little bit after 7, so I was running/walking for 2 hours (12km in 2 hrs - not a good timing). I managed to jog until kingfisher roundabout then run a bit until the Yayasan Sabah roundabout then walked all the way back. Should try to jog all the way next time.  

Week 4 & 5: 
Training delayed due to the aftermath of the fire incident. Went to JKR Midvalley for a week, try to get all the lost documents back. 

Haven't jog a km in 2 weeks, and my stamina is deteriorating, but I am happy and motivated why? coz, I just  bought an NB running shoes! can't wait to wear it this Sunday. Noraini said, we must jog till UMS this week. 2 weeks to go.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Training for my First Half Marathon: Week 2

Noraini called to wake me at 4:16am yesterday, we suppose to meet up at Stadium Likas parking lot at 5am. Usually, waking up in the early morning is one of the hardest thing to do, but amazingly I woke up, dressed up and drove to the meeting place without much procrastinate. On the way, I saw quiet a number of runners already on the road, running with the streetlight as their guidance. Note to self, for safety should not wear dark t-shirt (was wearing black t-shirt). 

Reached the meeting site just in time and after a brief introduction we started our run on 5:15am. This was my first time running this early and everything were naturally new to me. It was peaceful and a bit cold morning, not so much a morning person, I found this so refreshing. We didn't chat much this time, hard to jog side by side on the road shoulder, but it doesn't matter, the soft embrace of the wind and the sound of the sea really made me forgot that I am actually jogging! hehe.

Past 5km just after we made the U turn at Yayasan Sabah roundabout, I started to feel tired but keep pushing myself. Then after km 6, it's no longer dark and I could see clearly the surrounding and I no longer afraid walking alone without company, so I gave up and started to walk. Noraini and Farah were few km ahead. I completed the 10km distance in 2hrs. Suprisingly there were about 20 runners cooling down and hanging around in the parking lot, they even offered me cold drinks and fruits, which I thankfully accepted. Later Noraini explained to me that they are member of the KK running club, they are preparing for the Hong Kong Marathon which will take place this February (oh, gosh they ran so fast). All of them looks so healthy and the ladies all have the identical flat abs!

Now do I have the confidence to complete the half marathon in 3hrs? No, not yet, but I found out that I like running in the morning. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Training for my First Half Marathon: Week 1

If you have read my previous entry, this is the first report of my training for the Brooks half marathon which is also will be my very first half marathon.

As scheduled, we (Noraini & I) ran at Taman Tun Fuad last Sunday. We suppose to be starting the run at 6am, but was delayed to 6.30am. The weather is good, and it's even a bit cold (rarely felt in KK), reminded me of the mornings in Ranau. Things I love about this Taman is there is not lack of joggers which of course gives you the sense of safety and I really love to see the sunrays penetrated through the leaves to the ground. I'll take photos next time.

We started the run at a slow pace (approx. 6.8km/hr) and finished 4.2km later in about 35mins. I was not even too tired yet, but got to attend a compulsory first aid training at 9am, so off I go. Noraini ran another 2 rounds after I left (8.4km in total). If you are running a long run, it is best to have a running partner, first to ensure your safety and secondly you forgot the time when you chats. While chatting and laughing the next thing you know you've already completed the route. I read somewhere that the best pace for running a marathon is with a pace where you still can chat.

Week 1 is done, will be running 10km this Sunday. On that same day I will also be attending an exam to qualify me as a first aider. How is your running guys, come on lets keep calm and run to our heart content!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Training for My First Half Marathon: Plan

We're a bit overexcited and overconfident last November after completing the 10km run in Penang that we (Juvi and I) immediately registered for the Brooks half marathon which will commence on the 3rd March. Back to reality, it is possible but not as easy. 10km is one thing but 21km? Anyway, the air ticket has been bought, so the game is on.

After discussion with my training partner (owh, with the athletic Noraini my dear colleague, she is also running Brooks half marathon) we agreed on a schedule. Since we are working full day Mon to Sat, we will go for the long run every Sunday and will train separately for the weekdays. I went to 1B Fitness gym, tried to hit the threadmill 3 times a week. I will narrate on the details of my weekdays training in another entry. So, here is the schedule;

1) Week 1: Tun Fuad Park (6km)
2) Week 2: Stadium Likas to Yayasan Sabah-return (approx. 10km)
3) Week 3: Stadium Likas to McD Kingfisher roundabout-return (approx. 12km)
4) Week 4: Stadium Likas to UMS-return (approx. 16km)
5) Week 5: Stadium Likas to 1Sulaman-return (approx. 21km) 
6) Week 6: Stadium Likas to Indah Permai traffic light-return (approx. 24km)

I will try to update on the actual progress whenever possible. This is the part of my life where I am running to my heart content. And believe it or not, I'm loving it! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First 10KM

I checked the mailbox yesterday and found a letter waiting for me. It's contain makes me giddy with excitement. Yay! its the certificate of my first 10KM. I was ranked 1171/5209 and finished the race within 1hr and 29mins, not considered a good timing I mean Oprah once ran 8km in only 40mins (that is approx. 12km/hr! -really fast) but the point is I finished the race (thanks to the loyal supporters!) and that is all that matter to me.

Will be running again this March. Half marathon this time.

Tada! the cert!